I could not have done a project like The Bridge over the Abyss by myself, and I am extraordinarily lucky to have the friends and family that I had. I’ll be thanking them all here.

Special thanks go out to:

My father, who first suggested that I write this novel, then sat with me to help me with his technological wizardry and his perceptive editing eyes. In addition, our late night conversations about the plot deeply impacted this book.  Without him, this book would still have remained either a half-finished project, or an ugly mess of formatting blunders. He let me begin this project, then infected me with his enthusiasm when my own enthusiasm was flagging, and gave Rebecca meaning.

My mother, who examined the book and helped sharpen my writing, and lent her unyielding support both while I was frustrated with writer’s block, and when my fingers were flying over the keyboard and I paid little attention to the outside world.

My brother Parth, who gave me the prototype for the character Rent and then gave this story a wider focus. He also put up with my incessant musings about the book while we took our dog for long walks, and would offer advice whenever I asked. His support is greatly, greatly appreciated.

Lucia C., who was the first to lay her discerning eyes on the rough draft of my first few chapters, and whose comments and criticisms greatly helped me correct the first few chapters.  As I approached the end of writing this novel, I would read a passage, then ask myself, “What would Lucia see?”, then adjust the writing accordingly. Without her, this book would never have seen the light of day.

Sanchit M., with whom I had several productive discussions regarding Lucio’s motives and characterization, as well as enjoyable times scoring music for this novel to gain a greater appreciation of the characters. His incessant support and thoughtful criticisms helped shape Lucio from a half-formed idea into a dynamic character.

Elizabeth P., who remains one of the finest writers I personally know, and who applied her vast talents to reading and critiquing this novel. Amongst other insightful comments, she is responsible for critiquing the poem and the multiple titles I had written for this novel.

Kristen H., who took time out of her busy schedule to read this novel, and helped me a great deal on bringing my characters and dialogue to life.

Sohil S., who is responsible for the brilliant illustrations scattered throughout this novel. His talent is incredible, especially given that he had only had the previous two months to complete these drawings. His hard work and dedication to detail were inspirational and definitely increased the value of this novel.

Mrs. Crumbley and Mr. Rawlin, who helped sharpen and better my writing and exposed me to great classics of literature. Their passion for literature inspired me and instilled in me a deep appreciation for the wonders and impact of written language.

Everyone else who lent me support as  I wrote this book, whether through encouraging words or expressing interest as I began to tell friends about this book. Without the optimism and excitement of my friends, this book may never have been completed.


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