After the After-note… Introducing The Dragons of Gettysburg!

Hey readers,

It’s been quite a few months since last I posted on this blog. I just wanted to officially announce my next blog project, The Dragons of Gettysburg, here at ” “. In short, this is my next novel, and it’s a big one. Once again, its a fantasy novel, but this time I wanted to write both about fantasy and about one of the most interesting times in American history (to me). You won’t find swords in here, nor too many bows, but I believe you will at least find a good story. I’ve provided a synopsis below. If you’re at least interested, the provided link will show you the first chapter. As always, I hope you enjoy it!

Here’s the synopsis:

The New World was not always home to humans. In the grasses across the plains, beneath the caves and above the skies, creatures of magic coexisted with the original Native Americans. The settlement of the continent, begun by the European powers and aggressively extended by a newborn United States, drove magic and its creatures into secrecy and darkness. They hid, coming back only in small bands in small corners of the continent, and so they whiled their time away.
The year is now 1844, and the United States of America are a very un-magical place. Tensions between Free North and Slave South are reaching fever pitch, exacerbated with the Slave Power’s planned expansion south into Mexico.  Neither women nor slaves are free, and with the exception of suffragists and abolitionists, no one gives a damn. Secretly and unknown to most, entire settlements and towns are disappearing from the map.
 James Gracefield, once skilled bounty hunter and now lawman, becomes America’s first magician when a mysterious man of questionable humanity grants him an ancient book. He develops his magic away from the public eye, until fate calls and he makes his national debut by fighting in the Mexican American War. With his powers he calls forth clouds of wasps and armies of spiders, and manipulates rivers and grasses, but his magic comes at a cost as he catches the attention of dark forces, which threaten and destroy everything he holds dear. Guilt-struck and depressed, he moves to Washington D.C to work directly with the government in developing his war magic. Time passes, and another magician comes of age and emerges from the shadows. Simon Lancaster, a prominent social activist in the vein of Horace Greeley and William Lloyd Garrison, is as flamboyant and exuberant as James is reserved and bitter, as young and naïve as James is old and seasoned, and as curious and reckless as James is indifferent and cautious. For a short time, James tutors Simon in the art of war magic while they fight for the Union in the Civil War, but soon Simon breaks away to investigate the mysterious disappearance of old towns and cities, and the rise of magical incidents- an investigation which will also rob him of everything he loves. Meanwhile, a long and secret magical war reaches its final stages, and the future of America and magic teeters in the balance. 



About Neil Viswanathan

A college student that loves knowledge, music, and writing.
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