So you’ve read this far, you’ve finished our heroes’ stories, and you’ve left the world of Elysium, and now you come to this last page.

Rent and Everall, though separate, can potentially have more adventures. While Jack has retired into a nice and pleasant and peaceful life, his daughter Rebecca will soon come of age and change the world herself in a crisis that might make this previous book seem tame. Raychel is happily in her afterlife with her family. Scrimm is busy as a Book-Master but can potentially return in a story.

So…what do I do now?

I can foresee at some future a future crisis where Rebecca will have to step up. It would most likely come from overseas, and I can imagine Scrimm lending a helping hand. This is an idea I’ve thought of for some time, but I haven’t developed it in any way.Before that, though, there are maybe one or two stories that I can still tell about our characters. One about Lucio keeps coming back to me, in any case. It may be posted on this blog eventually. I am working on a second novel, also with magic, that deals with America and the Civil War. Some of these chapters may make their way onto here too, or on a separate blog that I would provide the link to.

Thank you once again for joining me in this story. I hope you enjoyed it, and if I publish more material I hope we can enjoy that together too!

Till next story,



About Neil Viswanathan

A college student that loves knowledge, music, and writing.
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